Friday, February 25, 2011

Law Courts Sheriffs got Little Stiffies Today


The Manitoba chapter of the Big Bad Sheriff's Department Brownshirts got their mojo on good today.....yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaw!  That's right men you done this half-horse burg good pushing those noisy little ladies out of the court house!  You done us proud.  You be real men alright!  No one wants to hear a bunch of dames screaming for justice!

Heck, they shore looked like lizzies dint' they?  Even the men!!!!

These women need a sound spanking!  No self-respectin' lady would be out waving signs, yellin' and prancin' around like a rodeo clown and callin' for the blood of a Judge! 

We need more brave men like the Manitoba Court Sheriffs - men who are brave enough to stand up to women half their size! 

We here at the Stiff Rod salute you!   You lived up to our every expectation and you did all the Brownshirts out there real proud.  Bless ya!!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Limp Rod Award goes to........

This is Judge Robert Dewar, Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench.  Judge Dewar thinks that some women deserve to be raped due to their putting out "signals".  Judge Dewar must be omnipotent.

Wow.  I wished I was able to know what was going on in the heads of other people.  Would have saved me much grief, money, frustration.....

Dewar, douchebag - one in the same.  Your Honor, you have no honor.

Kinda Stiff Around These Parts.....

What kind of picture did you really think I was gonna put up?  Naughty, cheeky monkeys.  Unlike all those other "rods" out there that seem to be popping up in this half-horse town -  blue, orange and white - my rod is colour-blind. 

Boys and Grrls, if you are gonna riff on the blog, the Black Rod, then perhaps a little originality and in some cases writing talent could be an asset to your endeavours?  Being the asshole that I can be I could not resist doing this.....will I add to it over time?  Will my Stiff Rod be up to the mighty task of amusing the masses?

Stay tuned.  This could be really fun.  I have a warped sense of fun.  It helps to keep me reasonably sane in a quite insane world.